"For any of our colleagues in the industry thinking of doing take-away / click & collect we would suggest giving this great Irish business ClickandCollection.com a shout. They have one of the most intuitive & user friendly & very reasonably priced platforms to help you sell your fine wares. Our C&C page for The Oarsman has been a great asset to us when we were first in lockdown and when we opened our doors we were able to specify times for collection that did not interfere with your busy service rush and continue to offer dine in/dine out options. Great support & backup from Suzanne & team."
Conor Maher, The Oarsman Conor Maher, The Oarsman
"We are finding it absolutely amazing. So easy to set up. It cuts out so much admin and accounting work on our end and most of our office catering customers don’t mind using a credit card to preorder. Highly recommend. Thanks for all your help with everything!"
Churpy Strahan - Owner, Lolly & Cooks Churpy Strahan - Owner, Lolly & Cooks
"I couldn’t recommend Click and Collection highly enough. We were up and running in a couple of hours. The website is incredibly user friendly and the support we got was nothing short of amazing. They went above and beyond to help us get everything up and running instantly. As soon as we were live, orders started flooding in and we were amazed at the amount of customer feedback on how easy it was to use the site."
Ciara, Woodfire and Green Ciara, Woodfire and Green
"Click and Collection is a group of the most helpful people I've met in a very long time. They didn't only help us to develop a website but, they also brought tons of positivity and hope to our business. Thank you."
Team, Love Falafel Team, Love Falafel
"Amazing platform. Amazing service. Totally blown away by these guys. My click and collection was up and running in two days. It's that easy."
Imelda, Local Green Box Cavan Imelda, Local Green Box Cavan
"Fantastic platform. It’s helping me rebuild a business out of the ashes! The support is fantastic. And Irish. Pricing is outstanding. If you’re doing collections get this now!"
Lisa Wilkinson, Elbow Room Escape Lisa Wilkinson, Elbow Room Escape
"At a time of intense change and innovation, clickandcollection.com is a clear and effective tool for us to reach our local customers. We are increasing our range daily and are delighted with the customer feedback."
Team, Lotts & Co Team, Lotts & Co
"Click and collection has been a huge help to us and was easy to use to boost our sales and help us finding and adapting to the social distancing system, we highly recommend it to anyone."
Nicolas and Cyril, L'Art du Chocolat Nicolas and Cyril, L'Art du Chocolat
"I'll be adding products tomorrow and publishing it on Monday. Finding it all so clear and simple."
Liz, Etto Liz, Etto
"A really simple and cost-effective way to get your business online. To take orders, contactless payments and scheduling collections. I am recommending this to all my friends that are reopening their businesses at the moment. "
Fredric Souty, Emilies Glenbeigh Fredric Souty, Emilies Glenbeigh
"Highly recommend this platform. It is so efficient, easy to set up, my customers mention that they love it and find it so easy to use! No more phone orders and having to take credit card payments over phone."
Pamela, Blazing Salads Pamela, Blazing Salads
"Mark & his team indirectly got our Pizza Restaurant back up & running during the C-19 pandemic. The site is so straight forward and simple to use, allowing your food to be prepared and collected at times that work for the customer & Chefs. With C-19, we had to shut Piccolo Pizza Killarney entirely, and we had no way of reaching our customer, who were still looking for our services. We are not technical at all in Piccolo; we are Pizzaioli… Click &Collection was very simple to use. We can honestly not recommend it enough, it is fantastic. Thank you, Mark, Fred Piccolo Pizza Killarney"
Fred McDonogh, Piccolo Fred McDonogh, Piccolo
"Thanks a million for having such a great platform. So convenient for our customers and very easy to use set up! Highly recommended"
Pamela, Flip V Pamela, Flip V
"Delighted to recommend & commend ClickandCollection.com. It gave us a non Social Media online presence for literally nothing for 30 days. Came across it by chance in a Sunday Times article. I was setup & Online, Stripe included in an hour on my IPhone. Very easy to use from our end & our customers find it very user friendly. Also many thanks to Suzanne who couldn’t be more helpful. Happy to Award 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️"
John & Bobby, Dunhill Kitchen John & Bobby, Dunhill Kitchen
"Thanks so much for setting up this great service. So grateful! "
Chloe, Host Restaurant Chloe, Host Restaurant
"A great platform! The guys are super helpful, and took all the hassle out of online ordering for our business in a time of need. Customer care is second to none, and the platform is super super easy to use and manage. 10/10"
Tom Eaton, Dunes Tom Eaton, Dunes

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